Skin Care– Does Hydroxatone Bring Fight The Process Of Aging Like A Magic Bullet?

There is a separate branch of study devoted to contesting aging known as anti-aging medicine. This involves the study of the process of aging and possibly halting it, or at least slowing it down. This way, the lifespan of an individual increases.

Experimental gerontology has given way to a host of beauty and skin care products. The market thrives with all kinds of lotions and creams claiming to have anti-aging  effects. The market earns a revenue of $50 billion every year. None of these products are known to have scientific backing, although they have become very popular among the ladies.

The truth remains that there is no magic bullet to contest aging. There could be a host of signs that signal that you are approaching old age. You might have sudden memory loss, or your brain does not function as smartly as it used to in your youth, or you suddenly find yourself surrounded by dangers of getting heart disease, or chronic diseases.

All these fears could be laid to rest if only we would follow a healthy routine including good physical exercise and a balanced diet. Yes! Physical exercise is as important for the old and elderly just as for the young. There should be sufficient rest for you. You should not give in to tobacco or other addictive drugs. But you could always do with some good fruits and beverages.

You could make a healthy contribution to your quest for a long life by taking food rich in phytonutrients. These are agents that take care of free radicals. Free radicals have a large hand in the incidence of cancer, and other age-related disorders.

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